Using It’s Your Karma Cards

Using It’s Your Karma Cards

Using It’s Your Karma cards is absolutely easy to do…

Set your intention, select a card, and then interpret the card.

It really is that easy…but of course, there is more to it. But I do not want you to be intimidated by all the sheer number of possibilities. The information that you are supposed to get at this time will definitely come through as needed.

Creating the proper setting for your past life explorations will greatly enhance the experience. Actually connecting with the individual cards will strengthen the work you will do with them.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Obtain a Journal: Download the free It’s Your Karma journal or find one that speaks to you. Recording your experiences will be rewarding and well worth the time it takes to set-up or find the perfect journal.

2. Ground Yourself and Set Your Intention: Before you use this deck for the first time spend time getting to know the cards. Sit and hold the cards, gently touch each card, shuffle them, and infuse your energy into the cards. Set your intention that the exploration you do with these cards be for your Highest Purpose and for the benefit of all. Be clear in your intention for each exploration, as each time you use the cards, you will unlock more of the secrets of your past lives. You may wish to call in your guides and ask for their help in connecting with the cards. (see below). Personally, I feel working with my guides is the key to success in past life exploration.

Example intentions: “I respectfully ask that the past life most relevant to my life at this time be revealed and this exploration be for my highest good. Thank you.” Or “May the most helpful past life card appear. Thank you.” Or “May the past life most relevant to _____ (fill in the issue) in my life at this time be revealed. I respectfully ask this be for my highest good and the highest good of all involved. Thank you.”

3. Call Upon Your Past Life Guide(s): If you feel moved to do so, take a few moments in meditation to connect with your Past Life Guide. This may be a Past Life Angel, a Past Life Guide, or even a Past Life Totem Animal; you will attract what is right for you at this time. You may even call upon a deceased ancestor to help you. The assistance of your guides will be incredibly helpful in getting the information that will best serve you in this work. If you are struggling at any time in your usage of the cards, all you have to do is to ask your guides for clarification and help. For example, if you are not sure what job you were doing in a past life, just ask your guides for clarification! Below is a video meditation to connect with your Past Life Guides.

4. Shuffle the Cards: Shuffle in a traditional manner, turning them as you shuffle. Or employ the “Stop, Drop and Swirl” method in which you stop, drop the cards on any flat surface, and swirl them around as if you were finger painting. There is a free video below of the techniques.

5. Choose Your Cards: Pick from the spread out cards or stack and cut from the deck. You can also employ the method of pulling a card from the top, bottom, or middle of the deck. Or you can allow your intuition to select the cards by spreading the cards out and then moving your hand across the cards, are your hands warm over certain cards? Do you feel compelled to stop over certain cards? Did a card or two pop out of the deck? If so, pay close attention to those. You may even look at each card and pull the ones that elicit the greatest reaction (both positive and negative).

Using a pendulum can also be very effective. Simple spread the cards out and use the pendulum for a yes or no over each card. This may take a bit of time, but with practice you will be able to fine tune the process.

You can also go through the deck and actually pick the cards that elicit the strongest response…either positive or not so positive! This is a powerful method of selecting a card for yourself.

You have now chosen your card(s). The next step is very simple…just place or drop the card(s) in front of you. You can spin it as you drop it or just place the card down on the surface in front of you. There is a free template for laying the cards out available on the website.  The template merely gives you a specific spot to place your cards on. But I love creating tools to make the It’s Your Karma experience even more wonderful, so I came up with a template to help you.

6. Determine the Role: A twelve o’clock position was used as the marker for the past life asking to be recognized. There may be times when the 12 o’clock position is exactly in between two roles…then it becomes either your choice or that of the other person you are reading for. In that case, you could do one of the following: re-throw the card or pick the role that is calling to you or ask the other person which role feels right for them. This is where you can go with your experience and intuition. Your call!

7: Interpret Your Karma: The magic begins! Sit with the selected card(s) and allow yourself to enter each era. Breathe into the images on the card and allow yourself to be transported to that time. BE in the card. Meditate upon the information you receive and jot down in your journal any feelings, images, ideas, etc. that come to you, if desired. Remember, use the keywords for each archetype found on page 17-19 (or on the Archetype keywords card in the deck), plus the historical/time line information within this guidebook for the card you drew to begin the reading.


These cards were given to me by my Guides to share not just as an exploration of who you “were” in a past life, but as a way to work through energies that are in your life right now; to heal problems, face issues, confront fears and phobias, and a myriad of other issues. Of course, exploring past lives to gain a deeper awareness of who you are is a valid and wonderful reason for past life work. You can also take this work to the next level by using the information that is brought forward in the cards to help you with issues you are working on in your current life! That is the entire meaning and purpose of the cards…to help you understand this life better and make choices that will enable this life to be more enriched.

In the examples in the books, I use a mixture of general readings and specific readings using examples of various people’s questions and lives. This allows you to test the various methods and learn in a variety of manners.

Also, some past lives do not seem to be overly eventful at first glance. It can be a little disappointing to discover yet another life spent tending flocks or crops with someone in yet another relationship. Actually, the vast majority of our past lives are somewhat simple lives by today’s standards. The karma comes from the energy of the interactions between us and our karmic partners. What can seem like a simple, pastoral life at first glance could be worthy of Shakespeare when you delve into all the emotions, energies, and lessons to be learned.

Remember, it is not usually a specific event, the method of death or even the life itself, it is the residual emotion around it that creates repercussions and karma. For example, the frustration you felt toward your karma partner over their greed in several past lives can continue until the underlying issue is solved. Also, by swearing you would never trust your karma partner again as you died, you would certainly “set” that intention for future karma. Awareness of these types of events will set you on the path to repairing the karma created in lives that were oh, so long ago, but the energy is still all too real and immediate. Using the cards as a natural part of your past life path will become second nature with practice.

Archetype Energy + Era Energy = Past Life Energy