I was blessed with the opportunity to already work with these cards AND receive multiple past life readings by Kathy with this deck and I have to tell you they are nothing short of AMAZING!! The deck is beautiful, easy to use, and the readings I’ve given and received have been spot-on and insightful. I love this deck and use it all the time!

I’ve used the deck to supplment my work: As a psychic I see past lives. After I’m done with my reading, I pull out the deck and see what other information comes forward. The last reading I did, I saw this woman in Russia in the 1800′s and guess what card popped out of the deck? RUSSIA 1800s!

I have also used it to gain further insight and guidance with clients after past life regressions and every client has felt they’ve gained even more insight with the deck’s information.

I had to share my rave reviews about this deck because Ive been blown away by it. I love this deck and want to let everyone else know! :)

Congratulations, Kathy!
Micara Link

Dear Kathy,
Good luck with your premier of It’s Your Karma Cards. I do just LOVE mine. I sat down with them and found the starseed card. I had just had a planetary origin reading with Jo Amidon. She told me I came here most recently from the Pleiades, but originated from Sirius but also carry a lot of Andromeda energy. So I sat there with the starseed card and asked where did I come from. I threw the card, and it was the strangest thing. It just hovered there for a few seconds, spinning ,and landed with Pleiades at the top. My son, who is used to odd things happening, thought the hovering was strange too. So I picked up the card again and asked, where did I originate from. It did the same thing when I threw it, it just hovered and spun, then stopped and dropped on the coffee table. Guess where it landed……with the line between, Sirius and Andromeda…gave me goose bumps!