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What is the difference between a past life soul journey and a past life regression?

Regression is the experience of going back to an earlier time. A Soul Journey is a special, personally and gently guided visualization meditation that allows one to access their inner grace, get you in touch with the messages from your soul, and connect with the answers that lie within. The method I use, developed by Denise Linn, uses visualizing healing energies, contacting your guides or communicating with your past-life self and others. You may experience it as an active participant or as an observer.

True past-life regression involves the re-experiencing of a previous lifetime and in a classic definition is usually conducted via hypnosis.

Both are valuable and powerful processes.

How intense is the experience?

Soul Journeys can be very vivid, intense and realistic experience involving two or more of your senses (such as seeing, hearing, and touch). Sometimes Soul Journeys are more subtle, evoking somewhat vague images and feelings. Either way, you will achieve results, but the intensity may vary.

Will I recall a past life on my first try at a Soul Journey?

Many people do experience a full blown, vivid experience the first time. Others get some impressions; some fleeting images, sensations, impressions, ideas, thoughts or feelings, which can lead to a bigger, more fleshed out past-life experience in a later session. Neither is better than the other, it all depends on what is right for you at that time.

What is a typical Past Life Soul Journey with you like?
I go into quite a bit of detail on this in the Session Overview section. To make it easier for you…here it is!

Here is how it works, as I want you to know all this so you will be completely comfortable with the process. We will chat on the phone to determine what past life outcome you desire, what past life area you wish to explore, or what aspect of your past life you wish to work on. An appointment is set, you pay me, and we are ready to proceed.

Prior to your Past Life Soul Journey I prepare myself and the space I work in. I turn off my computer, cell phone, my husband’s television and I let him know when I have a client. This may sound silly for me to tell you all this, but it is important for me to share this with you (I don’t know why, but it is!). I clear the space I am in, shower and change clothes if need be (as you know, I have a hobby farm and chores can be dirty). Space Clearing includes smudging, using my beloved bell from Denise Linn, an aromatherapy spray that I created just for this work, and a meditation in which I ask for my Guides and Allies to assist me in helping you achieve the very best possible results for your Soul at this time.

At the appointed time you call me. We then chat a bit and I, once again, clarify what you wish to achieve. We then set the intention of this particular Past Life Soul Session and Journey and we proceed. I pull an It’s Your Karma card (or more, if needed) and begin the reading.

I then take you through a deep relaxation and the the Past Life Soul Journey part begins. Once again, each journey is very individualized…just for you and your soul. Usually, we begin in a safe spot in nature, then we go to the Past Life that was uncovered during the reading and begin to explore the issue at hand. When it has been worked through, we gently return and you safely and easily come back to present time.

At all times you are in complete control. You would hear someone at the door and be able to react immediately and be completely yourself in the blink of an eye. This is not a deep state, it is a rather light state of relaxation that still allows us to give you deep, meaningful results. That is what is so wonderful! It does not have to be a long, drawn out process for you to achieve fabulous results.

During a past-life regression, will I experience only the actual events of a past life?

These regressions can include any combination of memory, imagination, and psychic experience. The “memory” component can blend accurate recall of a specific past life with other images — for example, personal present-lifetime memories, as well as memories of scenes from movies.

“Pure” recollection of past lives is not necessary for healing and personal growth. Recent research reveals that even present-lifetime memories are, to various degrees, frequently mixed up with each other and distorted by emotions and attitudes. Discovering the essence of the story which surfaces during a regression, and at least a few important details which help bring the story into focus, is most valuable.

Is it possible to experience the between-life state, between leaving one lifetime and being born into another?

Yes. This is a frequent occurrence in private regression sessions,and can be an extremely useful source of self-knowledge, inspiration and healing.