Conducting a One Card Reading

Conducting a One Card Reading Instant Karmic Connection

Conducting a one card reading is a great way to jump in and get used to working with the It’s Your Karma cards. Personally, I prefer to start with a one-card reading and then add additional cards as needed. That may just be my personal stream of consciousness style of thinking…each of us has our own style and preferences. There is no right or wrong way to read the cards, you will find you own method with practice.

To get you started, I offer these videos and the templates. Tools can give us confidence and allow us to jump in with the reassurance of structure and guidelines.

See, conducting a one card reading is not as intimidating as you may have thought!

Here are the PDF files for the It’s Your Karma Templates for Card Placement.

Let’s Get Started! Instant Karma One Card Reading

Set Your Intention

Here is a sample intention, for more refer to either (or both) of the guidebooks.

“I respectfully ask that the past life most relevant to my life at this time be revealed and this exploration be for my highest good. Thank you.”

“May the most helpful past life card appear. Thank you.”

Select a Card

Select the card (refer to page 14-15 in the 144 guidebook that came with the deck) or this Video on Getting Started Using the Cards and drop it onto the one-card template. The blue dot at the top is the 12 o’clock position is your past life energy that wants to come through at this time. Your one card reading can be used for Past Life General Exploration, Past Life Talents and Abilities, Past Life Release of Fear or Phobia, Past Life Daily Energy Reflection and more.

Selecting one card is the perfect way to begin your past life exploration with this system. Whether you are starting with a simple… “Who was I before?” question on to more in depth exploration of an issue or concern, pulling one card is a great beginning. That said, one card readings can be all that is ever needed to gain deep and profound insights! This is an excellent exploration to dig into an unresolved issue, fear, concern, etc. You may draw a card every day and ask for the past life energy that is most meaningful for the upcoming day to be revealed. One card may be also drawn for insight into a past life that has given you a gift or ability for this lifetime.

Interpret the Card

Now, here comes the fun! Interpreting the meaning and how it relates to you. First, notice any feelings or first impressions that pop up when you see the card. Also, note how you feel about the Role that you find at the 12 o-clock position! Excited, annoyed, baffled, a bit bummed…How does this card and your role make you feel? Write it down! There are no right answers. Just how you feel. You may even feel NOTHING. No connection, no anything! That is probably the toughest one of all. Explore that feeling. It is perfectly ok if you get nowhere with your feelings and choose to start over with another card! That is OK.

Next, open the guidebook and read what is written about the era, the energy of the era and the role that emerged for you. You may even want to do a bit of research online at some time and see what else you can find out! As you become more familiar with the cards, you may find it is enough to just read what is written and think about it a little bit. Once again, no rules, just right!

Conducting a One Card Reading for Joint Karma

This example is for a One Card Reading to explore how two people are connected.

Set Intention – Select Card – Interpret the Card

For a one card Our Karma reading select one card from the deck (refer to page 17 in the 144 page guidebook that comes with the deck), and spin the card and drop it onto the template and note the position. Use the available open space on the guide sheet for notes. Record the first card on the top position and the second spin of the card on the bottom position. The first card is the role you lived in that past life and the second spin is the role the other person lived. This Karma Karma reading can be used between partners, friends, you and your pet, co-worker situations, virtually any relationship.

“May the most helpful past life card for my day please appear. I respectfully ask this be for my highest good and the highest good of all involved. Thank you.”