About Past Lives

What is All the Fuss About Past Lives?

Isn’t THIS Life Enough??

There are people who feel we have enough to work on in dealing with the life we are living without trying to go into past lives and fix issues from hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Many masters have found, and I agree, that there are issues that seem more deeply rooted in our psyche, issues that cannot be explained by childhood trauma or distress, issues that make no sense at all…these are the issues that virtually always respond to past life exploration. How many people do you know that cannot bear to wear anything tight around their neck? Or people who are morbidly afraid of dogs (that were never bitten)? Or the classic fear of heights or public speaking? Or the good old fear of drowning or snakes or spiders?

Each of these fears can have classic past life roots and very often merely acknowledging that the past life existed is enough to lessen the effects. Of course, some deeply rooted fears may require more intensive work than a 15 minute reading or working with this deck, but you may be amazed at the perceptible relief that may occur simply from awareness.

In addition to working with phobias and fears, past life work can be powerful therapy for relationship issues. Yes, we have all had that knot in our gut upon meeting someone…that feeling of “I don’t like them.” Or the opposite, a feeling of safety, security, and comfort. These feelings are almost always past life (soul group) related and digging into this a bit can bring amazing insights and one aha moment after another. When I met my husband, I joke that I would have married him on the second date…I KNEW him on a deep, profound level that I had never experienced before. In case you are wondering, we lived together for five years before we did get married (his karma, not mine-smiling here).

Past life work can also show you how to address persistent conditions that haven’t responded to other types of therapy. Especially issues such as weight, phobias, fears and more.

By digging into your past lives you may come to understand

• The concepts of reincarnation, soul mates, and karma

• Techniques that can be used for past-life regression

• How past-life therapy can improve your health, relationships, and prosperity

• How fears, phobias, and blockages can be released through regression

• Dreams and how they provide a vital connection to your past lives

• Spirit guides, animal guides, and angels that can assist you in past life exploration

Now, this part may come as a huge shock…but you CAN change the past! I can teach you techniques to allow you to re-work some of the events in your past lives (and even this one) to make healing possible.

Past life work can be so very healing, I have found it an amazing journey and encourage you to delve into your own journey.

Allow me to share one of my personal past life experiences. I have struggled with the weight gain that so often happens to some of us as we chug (or fly) past 50. So, I decided to do a past life journey to see what I could discover to help me with the pounds. I was sure I had starved to death in a convent, beatifically gazing up to the heavens as I died with a sigh. Every scenario I dreamed up was ever-ever so noble, profound and altruistic. In my regression I found myself on a Polynesian island and I was a big, and I mean BIG, Polynesian princess. I had the massive donka-dunk butt and thunder thighs that probably caused earthquakes…but I was happy and laughing and ran that kingdom with wisdom and grace.

I also revealed a past life as a sumo wrestler and food was, once again, associated with power and entitlement. It is a bit of an ouch to admit, but I have always felt I SHOULD just be able to eat what I wanted and stay the weight I desired. Now that I have worked through this energy, and by using Denise Linn’s Weight Loss mp3s and now adding her Unlock the Secret  Messages of Your Body book,  I have achieved the weight I want to be and am maintaining it.

As a Certified Past Life Coach, I will work with you to find the ways your past lives can help heal issues that have surfaced and also find talents and qualities you possessed in other lives. Actually, you do not even have to believe in past lives for it to be helpful! Just be open for whatever help you receive and there you have it – good results! Not only will we work with the It’s Your Karma cards, we can also utilize past life journeys/regressions and more.