Intro to the Cards

It’s Your Karma Past Life Introduction to the Oracle Card System


The It’s Your Karma cards were created to be your past life introduction, with the intention of helping you connect to your flow, your intuition, your inner place of knowing, and allowing your past life memories to come forward. This deck has over 1000 possible past life combinations. The unique round shape is the key to the process…by having many possible past life vocations on the edges and then spinning the cards in a circle, we are able to determine what type of life you and others lived within various eras. As the videos will show, it is easy to do and easy to find the past life info your soul wants you to remember!


For many years I have worked as a graphic designer, with a focus in the magazine printing end of the publishing business. For years I designed, produced, and handled the publishing of several high end dog specialty magazines (yes, just like that movie Best In Show). That experience gave me a great background for this project! Not only did I gain the actual technical skills, but I learned to be a one person show.

Plus, my training with Denise Linn as a Certified Past Life Coach opened the doors to the depth of possibilities available to help others through past life work. I had purchased the few past life decks that are available and somehow knew I would create a deck that worked for me. One day the idea just popped into my head that I could do circular cards that would allow people do do their past life readings using just one card. I created a couple of cards, just to see how they felt and it was just GOOD. Then, the journey began! Now we all know that concept was shared with me by my guides and I would be creating bad karma if I did not acknowledge their help in this process. Thanks, ya’ll!

For the next two years I researched each timeline era and role (archetypal role or job) that you will see within the cards. Within each timeline I also meticulously dug into each possible vocation or lifestyle that I discussed within the guidebook. For example, being a male slave in Ancient Rome was very different from being a male slave in Ancient Egypt and both were vastly different from being a male slave in Civil War Era United States. Each of those roles has a different energy and different issues.

For those of you who are interested in the nuts and bolts of the publishing process…keep reading. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to self-publish. Not only is the publishing business going through immense changes, making it harder for a newbie to break into the business, I also was determined to present this deck as it was given to me…yeah, I know, insert the word CONTROL into this process. Plus, I knew that I had developed this unique set of skills for a reason. In my “Other Life” in the dog show world, I had a book published by Wiley (Howell at that time) that is still in print and I had successfully published a French Bulldog book. I knew I could take this deck from idea to having it in your hands.

Many publishing companies print in China, due to the very low prices, and I completely respect that. But, due to my love for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and my own yak, Kundun, I just could not print a project of my heart in China. So, I Goggled around and found a printer in Malaysia names Thumbprints. I am also trained in hand analysis (palmistry), so that name caught my eye. They were delightful to work with and I enjoyed their professionalism and customer service. My sales rep, Poh Eng and I corresponded regularly and I did not realize until she mailed me a snail mail package that her married name is Armstrong…my mother’s maiden name. Those synchronicities made me smile and I knew I was on the right track.

I created my files, had them proofed by Carol Barnette (patient Earth Angel) and we went to print. That sounded so easy when I typed it like that…trust me, it was a lot more involved than that and I cried more than once at just not being able to go faster! The deck was printed, shipped (on the proverbial slow boat) and meandered through customs. It was all a delightful process!

The It’s Your Karma cards will allow you to Explore the Past, Explain the Present, and Embrace the Now.