It’s Your Karma Past Life Cards for Reincarnation Exploration

It’s Your Karma Past Life Cards – Have you ever wondered why you are so afraid of mice? Why you instantly connected with the new co-worker, while another co-worker made the hair on your neck stand up? Does Japanese culture and food captivate you? Or are you utterly repulsed by anything that hints of any Italian connection? There may not seem to be a rational explanation, but there is often a true reason. Past Life experiences can emerge as fears, phobias, irrational likes or dislikes and that is just the beginning!

Relationships, and not just romantic ones, can often make you feel as if you are caught on a treadmill or a roller coaster that you cannot hop off of – you are compelled to keep trudging along (or screaming with each twist or turn). There can be an almost irristable feeling of connection toward someone and if it does not end as you hoped, it can be baffling, maddening and so frustrating! What causes this attraction?

Using the It’s Your Karma innovative round past life cards, you can dig into the who’s, the why’s, the when’s and the what now’s of your life.

1000+ Past Life Possibilities
Over 1000 past life possibilities can be explored within this deck.

The Past Life Key
The keys to releasing blockages, phobias, fears, and more are found within the round cards!

Answer Relationship Questions
Discover past life connections with loved ones.

Your Soul Wants You to Remember
Are you ready to remember what your soul wants you to know?

Brilliant! It's Your Karma Oracle Deck is an innovative system for past life work. Whether you are an experienced past life professional or newly beginning...this deck will help you remember who you are.–Denise Linn, author Past Lives, Present Miracles and founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching.

Thank you so much for the in-depth past life reading. I was moved and touched by the information that came through. I would never have dreamed I would learn about my marriage through a past life reading. Thank you again.–Eleanor Taylor

I thought a past life deck of cards would be a fun game to play or something to just laugh about. I was blown away by the many coincidences and insights that popped up for me. I will be using this deck for year to come.–Mary Gardner